Public Open Day

If you would like to attend the Public Open Day, visit the exhibition hall and attend an introduction to babywearing/toddlerwearing workshop, please register in advance. We’ll reserve a goodie bag for you – please visit us at the Babywearing UK stand inside the Exhibition Hall to collect it.

Attending the main Conference gives you access to the keynote speakers, all workshops, an amazing babywearing delegate bag and the goodies inside, as well as entitling you to enter the delegate raffle which will have a hug number of prizes including slings & carriers, babywearing coats and much more…

Wrap Scrap Competition – 2 weeks to go

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a wrap scrap pack, you should have had an e-mail from us with the competition entry form & details of how to enter. You have almost two weeks to send in one or more of your creations and the chance to win tickets to the European Babywearing Conference and these beatutiful wrap scrap creations (and a generous gift voucher) made for us by Chunkle Munkle.

Meet Our Sponsors

The First European Babywearing Conference could not have taken place without the support of our amazing sponsors – we will be updating this page shortly with details of the sponsors of the 2015 Conference.

2013 Sponsors

baby carrier

BabaSlings Ltd
– theBabaSling® range is designed to keep your baby safe, close and happy while giving you the freedom to get on with everyday life hands-free. theBabaSling® is suitable for newborn babies to toddlers 2 years+, with at least five carrying positions including two perfect for discreet breastfeeding.
Manduca Baby Carrier – The perfect carrier for all who love to feel close to their child – right from the start. The manduca’s ingenious design ensures an ergonomic sitting position, recommended by midwives and orthopaedists. The carrier readily adjusts to the changing demands of both parents and child and can be worn in front, back or hip carry.

And our Gold sponsors are:

Babylonia – Babylonia is a Belgian-based specialist baby carrier manufacturer which has been making carriers for over 15 years. They offer a full range of babycarriers and wraps including woven-wraps and Mei Tais, to give natural comfort for you and your baby with a focus on organic cotton and Fair Trade. Ask about special rates & packages for babywearing consultants.
Boba – The moms and dads at Boba have travelled the world with babies on their backs, and they want to help other families do the same. That’s why they’ve created a line of carriers and accessories whose innovative features and intelligent design remove obstacles and make babywearing easy and fun.
  Ergobaby – The Ergobaby Carrier was born out of a desire for mobility and comfort allowing you to tackle life while maintaining a close bond with your baby and toddler. Our goal is to make your life easier. It’s about your comfort and your baby’s developing body.
kokadi Kokadi – All Kokadi products are based on design, sustainability, trust and competence. Our philosopy is to combine ecological and socio-economic values with the current zeitgeist. Besides the many positive effects of babywearing, our product features are real eye catchers.
Wrapsody Baby – The new Wrapsody carrier is designed to adapt perfectly to each parent/baby pair. This carrier cannot be beat for versatility, absolute comfort and excellent support.

We are grateful for their support and invite you to discover their lovely carriers all weekend during the Conference in the Exhibition Hall.
Do you run a family-friendly business? Would you like to get involved, get in touch now. There are still a few sponsorship opportunities available.

Attachment Theory, Neuropsychology & Infant Carrying Dr. Henrik Norholt Ph.D.

In plain and easily understood language, the lecture covers the history of the psychological paradigms for parenting in the past century, as these still influence current caregiving ideals. It describes the evolution of modern child developmental psychology, leading to the most recent scientific advances in child psychology, drawing from the fields of mammalian and primate research, attachment theory, neuropsychology and studies into the effects of parent-infant physical contact. There will be examples of how you can use these insights in baby wearing education and promotion.


Henrik Norholt, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer at Ergobaby, Inc.

Dr. Norholt has been engaged in studying the effects of infant carrying on child psychological development through naturalistic and literature studies since 2004.  He is actively engaged in developing research in novel attachment- and lactation-promoting interventions through his international network of family practitioners, midwives, obstetricians, pediatricians and child psychologists.

Dr. Norholt is a frequent lecturer at various midwives’ and early years practitioners’ colleges, association meetings and conferences. He is a member of The World Association of Infant Mental Health, The Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health, and the Society of Emotion and Attachment Studies. He holds a Ph.D. from the LIFE Faculty of Copenhagen University and is a resident of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Keynote Speakers

We will shortly be announcing the line up of keynote speakers for the Second European Babywearing Conference, taking place in June 2015.

We know the line up will be just as exciting as at the 2013 Conference, which included:

2013 Conference Keynote Speakers

Dr. Henrik Norholt Ph.D. Chief Science Officer – Ergobaby, is a member of The World Association of Infant Mental Health. He holds a Ph.D. from the LIFE Faculty of Copenhagen University. He has been engaged in studying the effects of infant carrying on child psychological development through naturalistic studies since 2002.  Dr. Norholt is actively engaged in developing research into infant carrying through his large international network of family practitioners, midwives, obstetricians, pediatricians and child psychologists. He will be speaking on “An evolutionary perspective on the science of infant mental health and attachment theory – implications for the baby carrying movement” and “The subtle art of building a reasonably fair society – baby carrying relevant lessons from the feminist movement of a Scandinavian welfare country.” Read more.

Arie Brentnall-Compton is a public speaker, writer & business owner focusing her energies on improving public health through breastfeeding & babywearing.  Through her Canadian Babywearing School, she has taught at workshops & conferences across North America.  She is Vice-Chair of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance as well as Advisory Board Member with EcoParent Magazine.  In addition to teaching Babywearing Educator’s workshops,  Arie has taught her sessions to hundreds of health & community workers, with a goal of creating a babywearing & breastfeeding culture in Canada. Arie will speak on “Babywearing For The Greater Good“: how babywearing affects community & public health outcomes.

Sarah Gregson, Consultant Midwife, and Jean Meadows, Infant Feeding Specialist, will speak on the use of kangaroo care in UK hospitals. The medical benefits of Kangaroo Care in low income countries and in Neonatal intensive care units in the West are well known. However, surprisingly it is has not become main stream practice within the postnatal wards of UK hospitals, despite the fact that is where more than 2/3 of the premature babies in the UK are cared for from birth.

In 2010 Sarah, Jean and their team embarked on a research study investigating the effects of Kangaroo Care using skin to skin “Kanga Wraps” for small and premature babies cared for in this environment. They found that the babies were well enough to go home earlier, there were improved feeding outcomes and parents loved the experience.

Their research project won 2 national awards and six other hospitals are now using the KangaWraps that were specifically designed for this purpose. Sarah and Jean will describe how Kangaroo Care benefits mothers and babies and will also tell us about their latest project to investigate Kangaroo Care for women having an elective caesarean section.

The Great Wrap Scrap Competition

We know that there are lots of creative people out there so we are launching a wrap scrap challenge in support of the European Babywearing Conference. Here’s how it will work. For the sum of £10 (which includes postage) we will send you a large bag of wrap scraps, kindly supplied by Lenny Lamb. This gets you not only a great selection of scraps but entry into our competition.

Sample contents are pictured above. Each pack weights at least 500 grams & we reckon there’s around 1.2 – 2 metres squared of fabric, usually in 10 – 12 pieces. We’ve tried to include 1 – 3 large/medium pieces and the rest is smaller (mostly bunting shaped pieces). But the packs are random and the picture is for illustration only… You see our Facebook page for more action photos of the little helpers on our production line!

To enter the competition, you’ll need to show us just how creative you’ve been with our pack. We’ll be awarding prizes for the best, most inventive and greatest quantity of items made from a bag of scraps. Prizes include a pair of tickets to the European Babywearing Conference, and some lovely wraps scrap creations (like those pictured here) made for us by Sarah of Chunkle Munkle. We’re asking you to send us a photo of all of your creations and to donate one to us for use in our raffle (we will be making it clear that any articles are not suitable for use as toys).

Here are some pictures that may inspire you (kindly shared by Emily of the South London Sling Library):

There is also a competition for the best item made by a young person (aged 0 – 12) with three prizes of fabulous children’s slings for the winners (plus extra goodies if we can find you some).

To enter, simply use the button below to purchase a pack of wrap scraps. We’ll send the pack by post & competition entry details by e-mail. The competition closes on the 18th of January 2013 so you’ll have plenty of time to get creative.