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Conference Exclusive wraps & carriers

If you’ve booked a delegate ticket, you should have had details of how to log on to the Conference shop where we are lucky enough to have exclusive Oscha wraps and ring slings (based on our beautiful Conference logo design by Asha Pearse), Didymos wraps and ring slings and Connecta carriers with Oscha panels.


Any wraps, ring slings and carriers that are not sold at pre-order will be for sale at the Conference.



Slingheaven is your one-stop shop for babywearing products and information.  We have a comprehensive range of products and years of experience. We work closely with libraries offering a discount and affiliate scheme.

Sling Mirrors

Ever wondered how to see your child when carrying them in a back carry? Sling mirrors offer a simple and stylish solution to this problem. Handmade from woven wrap scraps, each mirror includes a retractable clip so it can be attached to a coat or carrier.


SlingKids is run by William, aged 10, and was set up after the 2013 European Babywearing Conference. The aim of Slingkids is to help children find out about and use slings. At the Conference, William will be selling a range of slings for kids and giving out information as to how to choose the right sling for you.

Partner & Day Tickets now added

Partner Tickets (for people who have booked a delegate ticket) and Day Tickets, which allow access to our exhibition hall, sling library and For Sale or Trade area, are now on sale on our Ticket Booking page. If you’d like to attend as a delegate, Early Bird rates are available until the 15th of April.

New Speakers and Extended Early Bird

We are very excited to be hosting two new speakers:

annbDr Ann Bigelow of St Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada, whose work on infants’ development of the self; infant interactions with others and their influence on language and play; and the benefits of early skin-to-skin contact has had a tremendous influence on the perceptions of infants and their early relationships

Inge Nickell of the Braselton Institute, who is a health visitor and infant mental health lead in Devon. She will speak on the work of the Braselton Institute, which has been groundbreaking in changing perceptions of infants to understand their abilities to regulate and communicate, and on how the work of Babywearing educators can sensitize parents, builds parents’ empathy and trust in their ability to read infant signals, and strengthen parents’ desire for physical closeness with their infant.

We’ll add full details to our Speakers and Workshops page as soon as possible.

In the mean time, we have extended our Early Bird rates so that you can now buy tickets at Early Bird prices until the 15th of April.

Babylonia join as Gold Sponsor!


We are really proud to announce a new sponsor!      

Babylonia are Belgian-based specialist babycarrier manufacturer, and have been for over 15 years. They offer a full range of babycarriers and wraps including woven-wraps and Mei Tais.


Sling Dads at EBC

‘I wish my other half would carry our son’ and ‘My husband won’t use the carrier’ are sentences often seen on babywearing boards across the net.  But why?
Join Ben, Jack and the Sling Dads as they share their babywearing journeys, some of the issues they think stop men carrying and some ideas to make babywearing more accessible to dads in the future.